Mobile Connect Guide

Configure GammaVPN (L2TP/IPsec) using Android

Open the Settings app. Chose tab “Connections”.

Tap “More connections settings”.

Click “VPN”.

Tap “Advanced IPsec VPN”.

Click “Add VPN Connection”.

VPN connection name: You can write any name you want. For example, I wrote “NL” because i will connect to Netherlands (NL)

IPsec connection type: “L2TP pre-shared key”.

Gateway: Next, select any IP from GammaVPN list (at the end of this page).
e.g. “”.

Pre-shared key (PSK): Don’t forget enter Pre-shared key for your connection. All GammaVPN servers and accesses (Free and Premium) have following PSK:zNdTNkPSP

Advanced options you can leave default.

Should be like this:

Good job. Now save this settings. We can see our connection in the android list. Press on the created connection and click “Connect”

Thereafter you can see messagebox with credentials. Enter there your Username and Password from your GammaVPN Premium or Free account.

I chose Free access.

Сredentials from Free access:



Tap “Ok”.

Congratulations, you are connected.

You can check your IP. Navigate to . We are from Netherlands (NL).


Netherlands (NL)
Netherlands (NL)
Czech (CZ)
Czech (CZ)
Latvia (LV)
Poland (PL)
Germany (DE)
Luxembourg (LU)
United Kingdom (UK)
Lithuania (LT)
Iran (IR)
Ukraine (UA)

These settings are valid for all GammaVPN servers and accesses (Free and Premium):
IpSec Pre-Shared Key:zNdTNkPSP

Login and password for all Free access:

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