OpenVPN Guide

Configure GammaVPN using OpenVPN

First, download OpenVPN installer from official website

After you downloaded the file install OpenVPN

After installing OpenVPN you will see a desktop icon.

Run the program.

Don’t worry if you see the popup window “No readable connection profiles (config files) found”.

Just click “Ok”.

Now, you can see OpenVPN icon on the right panel.

Right click on the OpenVPN icon and chose “Import file”.

Next, download (at the end of this page) and import any OpenVPN config .
For example  Netherlands (NL)


And tap “Connect”.

OpenVPN asked you for credentials.

If you don’t have premium access use following credentials (Free access) :


If the OpenVPN icon has changed to green that means you successfully connected.


OpenVPN config files:

Netherlands (NL) Download (Click Here)

Netherlands (NL) Download (Click Here

Czech (CZ) Download (Click Here

Czech (CZ) Download (Click Here

Latvia (LV) Download (Click Here

Poland (PL) Download (Click Here

Germany (DE) Download (Click Here

Luxembourg (LU) Download (Click Here

United Kingdom (UK) Download (Click Here

Lithuania (LT) Download (Click Here

Iran (IR) Download (Click Here

Ukraine (UA) Download (Click Here

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